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Saint Martin De Porres is a religious group that has been serving people for more than a decade. We started out as a small prayer group which evolved to be something else that is capable of creating an impact in the minds of the people in the locality.

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Religious Education

Having deep knowledge about religion will help people to experience God in many ways and reach out to other people and share the blessings that they received.


Worshipping the almighty is definitely a boon for everyone who is able to do it. Every worship session that we conduct is filled with joy and happiness which we spread all around the place.

Prayer Meet

We conduct regular prayer meets, where we seek the help of God to make is better people in all aspects of life.

Independent School

We are running the school for the unprivileged children with the help of many God-fearing people and their philanthropy.

Supporting Catholic Education

We also allocate a part of our fund to support Catholic education throughout the world.

Academic Awards

“ We have been recognized and awarded for the service that has done in the educational sector, and we truly believe without the blessing of the almighty it would not be possible.”

School Members

Philosophy And Religion

The two things that we live and the two things that we give more importance to compared to anything else.

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Historical reasons as to why Christianity spread rapidly

There is a rather theological backing as to how and why the Christianity faith has spread far and wide in a relatively short period, particularly in the case of how Christianity took over the Roman Empire.

Establishing social networks

Historical facts indicate that the religious talks and conversations would take place through simple gestures and bonds such as forming a casual and social network. For a better understanding of the picture, imagine conversations about the faith among believers. Such discussions are bound to induce a sense of personal attachment, driven by the belief of religion and are bound to make a difference in the minds of individuals. With time, such social networks have worked their way up among circles to spread the word of Christianity faith.

Caring for the unwanted

During such times, there were unspeakable acts of violence being carried out, discrimination against orphans, widows and sick along with the spread of riots, viral diseases such as plague, fires, and other disasters. At these times of emergency, people would instead flee from their home without bearing any sympathy for their fellow neighbor. Believers of Christ, on the other hand, believed it was wrong to flee for their lives and let fellow brothers and sisters rot there. This is what distinguished Christians as during such frequent disasters, they lend a helping hand to everyone and anyone, regardless whether they are disabled, below status, sick or enemy. Such helping acts portrayed a strong message to people of solidarity, kindness, and hope. Simple gestures such as providing aid through food, water and care helped improve survival rates when mortality rate was high.

The stance against abortion, adultery, and infanticide

Christians had a rather strong position against such practices taking place in the Roman Empire. Historical texts confirm that the times of the Empire were particularly hard on women and children and lenient towards men. Men were free to practice acts of adultery when married. Children of such unfaithful relationships were either left to die after birth or aborted. Christians spoke against such practices and exclaimed the teachings of God, such as being faithful to only one partner, secure with marriage. Christians would not sideline such unwanted children; they would take them and raise them according to Christian faiths and love them as if they were their own children. Such beliefs of kindness and justice impacted such harmful practices and changed the mentality of many during such hard-minded times.

Theological acts

Specific Christian theological beliefs backed all the brave, kind and loving actions displayed by Christians. The most critical belief every Christian instilled in their mind is to love God, means loving your fellow man. Such positive and radical beliefs changed how people think, as they began to portray acts of kindness and love and with no time, was soon adopted by the majority of the Empire and western civilization.

Largest Megachurches In Texas

Technically, a church becomes a megachurch when it can shelter over 2000 attendees. Given below are few of the largest mega churches in all of Texas, which observe weekly attendance often more than the population of small towns across the nation.

Lakewood Church

Situated in Houston, the Lakewood church is regarded as the largest mega-church across all of North America. The massive church can offer prayers for over a whopping 40,000 attendees. Moreover, the prayers in the gigantic church are led by the renowned pastor, Joel Osteen.

Gateway Church

What was once a minuscule of a church led by Pastor Robert Morris for a mere 30 attendees has seen a dramatic change since its opening in 2000. Today, the Gateway Church in Southlake is as massive as the combined size of six churches and observes an attendance of over 28,000 devotees.

Fellowship Church

Founded by lead pastor, Ed Young, the Fellowship church has marked its presence across locations such as Dallas, Texas, Miami and Hawkins. The fellowship sees an attendance of 24,000 believers.

Second Baptist

Founded in 1927, the Second Baptist has a presence in among six locations of Houston. Managed and controlled by Dr. Ed Young, the Second Baptist megachurch observes staggering figures of congregants, nearing above 20,000 devotees.

Woodlands Church

Located in Woodlands, the Woodlands church was opened in 1993. The lead pastor of the church is also the founder, Kerry Shook. In addition to its presence across several locations, the church offers online ministry services as well. The megachurch records attendees in the figure of 18,000.

Cornerstone Church

Existing lead pastor, John Hagee founded the Cornerstone church situated in San Antonio. The non- denominational church was founded in 1987 and recorded a weekly attendance of around 17,000 believers.

The Potter’s House

Since its opening in 1996, the rapidly expanding community church has been regarded as the fastest spreading community church across the whole of North America. Situated in South of Dallas, the Potter’s House observes weekly congregate count of nearly 16,000.

Prestonwood Baptist Church

The Prestonwood Baptist Church situated in the suburb of Plano in North Dallas has seen exponential growth since its opening in 1977. Lead by the head pastor, Dr. Jack Graham, the church shelters over 15,000 Christians during prayers.

Community Bible Church

Since its founding in 1990, the Community Bible church as marked its presence across two locations in San Antonio. The church offers its prayers in both English and Spanish languages. The vast church can harbor an estimate of 14,000 devotees during prayers.




From Our Clients

When it comes to education and social service I have never seen anyone do better than them. Really feel proud to be associated with them.
Michael E. Hudson